Meet the Founder…

Terri A. Durden is a poet/playwright/Photographer…that happens to love cultural awakenings…through “Photo-Word-Art” Terri is a 12 year roster artist with the PA Council on the arts…through Millersville University PAartners programs…Featured poet for 3 years on WFNM Radio…her poem “Save the Children” appeared on BCTV for 10 days…she received an award for poetic excellence from the NAACP Riverside, CA. A Business on the rise award From Base Inc. Most recently her photography has appeared in Lancaster County’s Photography Meetup Book for 2015. She won the 2015 “Christmas Lights Photography Contest for Co-Promote. Recently, Terri has partnered with “The Mix” at “Arbor Place” in Lancaster, PA. to uplift the youth…through a program that she has created called “Photo-Word-Art” taking youth on tours to galleries, seeing graffiti walls in various communities…taking in the views life has to offer in their own communities…with youth using their own minds-eye to relate their own stories…as it relates to the lives they live daily. They will shoot photos and show us what they feel life looks like to them. Through”Street Photography…Terri hopes to help their creative juices to burst wide open…and flood the streets with positive images. Keeping youth focused on more positive energy…instead of hanging around on corners or getting involved in the wrong elements of life…such as drugs, gangs and violence. Terri wants to put a Book/Pen and Camera in the hands of every youth…and lead them to more positive outlets. Her “Photo-Word-Art” workshops offers youth a chance for their photography skills to be viewed/exhibited in places they may have never had the chance to be viewed. ¬†Helping them to gain exposure and the growth needed to push their dreams forward. Terri says; her love of life/beauty and words are the key to her creativity. she loves to share her creative-self with others interested in elevating/awakening and uplifting others as well. she also states that she is “living the hard-knocks-life…la vita loca…enjoying the splendor, the glory…while witnessing all the beauty surrounding us.”


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