Collard Greens
Black eyed peas
Hog Maws
Pig Feet
Chicken Livers
Neck bones
Lima beans
Red beans and Rice

These are just a few of the foods African Americans have eaten called “Soul Food” which dates as far back as 1492. Our ancestors…enslaved persons, were given the scraps or the leftovers from their Masters table. Our ancestors made due with what they had, what they grew them selves or with whatever they were given from the Master’s meals. They took what they could get in order to feed their children…this was a means of survival for them. Today, we feast at grand buffets….or on steak and lobster. We today have it…not much better, but we are more fortunate than that of our ancestors. We invented gourmet cooking…by making something from nothing another way to look at our survival techniques The creative genius with in us came from a deeper place. A place of creating comfort for our families and for ourselves. a place of need and the desire to live…made us tap into our creativeness. in order to accomplish what we needed for ourselves…we have invented so many different things that others take for granted, even today…some of those things invented by our ancestors, are still in use. Like the Traffic Light, The Elevator, The Water Sprinkler The Ironing board… just a few other things used by our ancestors to survive on…
or to make their jobs easier while working for their Masters.

Milk and Bread, was basically used as a dessert…which is Buttermilk in a glass with smashed up cornbread and sugar. I can remember being a child around 3-4 years of age…my grandfather would sit me on the table beside his plate of food, he would chew his food up take it out of his mouth and place it into my mouth. I guess this was his way of keeping me from choking off the large pieces as babies do. Then when the dinner was eaten up. (Daddy) my grandfather…would make us both a glass of “Milk and Bread” back then I loved that stuff! Today, you couldn’t pay me to eat that. My taste has evolved with the times we are living in…and so has my way of thinking. Most of us don’t remember how poor we really were back in the day. But I do. Let us not forget that are origins…were rooted deep in love. We have forgotten how to struggle together. Hell! We did not’ even know we were poor because we had so much love. My mother worked nights, so my grandparents took care of us. We’d stay with our grandparents during the week and go home with our mother on the weekends. Not because our mother didn’t love us, but because she had to make ends meet…she was working for us all to survive. Our family worked together for the good of and for the survival of the entire family. Now that’s strong love, that’s togetherness. Something that is lacking in today’s society.

If we could go back…get that old school lovin’ back into our mentalities…we’d all be much better for it. Society as a whole would be much better off. Their would be no need for debating over light vs. dark skin…because we’d all be in this together…for the good of all. Supporting one another’s efforts. We’d have each other’s backs…we’d be their to catch the other when they failed. We’d all be better together. Family love…building strong communities. That was the only mission back then…we should follow their lead and get back to loving ourselves…loving our culture…loving our community. It takes a village. What will we teach our children? How to hate within their own race…or will we give them the tools they need to succeed together? You decide. “We are High-Yellow/Black/Brown Beautiful Creatures”


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