Oh Freedom…

Did it matter to Harriet Tubman if you were a light skinned black…a dark skinned black or mulatto when helping her people escape the bondage of slavery? I’m just saying.
– Terri A. Durden


Harriet Tubman, Born Araminta Ross in March 1822

Born into slavery in Dorchester County, MD. African American

Abolitionist, Humanitarian,, Union Spy, Cook and Nurse, Suffragist and Civil Rights Activist during the Civil War.

In the fall of 1849 she escaped to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…but returned shortly after to rescue her family. Harriet Tubman (Moses) returned 19 times escourting 300+ enslaved persons to freedom.

Pride in our ancestors…has no color.



One thought on “Oh Freedom…

  1. As a light skinned lady, I accepted the commission to portray Harriet Tubman. At first I was hesitant because she was much darker than I. As I taught myself her story and eventually presented it to a African American camp at Temple University…at the end of the presentation when I declared that I was not in reality Harriet Tubman…a little girl in the front row jumped out of her seat and exclaimed…”You ARE Harriet Tubman!”….since that time I have portrayed and told her story to all races of people who listen with their hearts, not eyes. God is not partial, so why should we be. We must never stoop to the level of the oppressor!

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