Pulling Down The Shades of Racism…

We have been placed in categories…stigmatized and colorized since the beginning of our existence.  “Willie Lynch foretold, if they broke down the structure and separated the black family. We would learn to hate ourselves and one another. After doing that and feeling isolated…we would then be loyal servants to our Masters.” Willie Lynch’s prophecy has been in effect since slavery.  If we ban together…learn to love ourselves and each other as well…we can begin to pull down the shades of racism.  in order to let go of past pains inflected upon our psyche. In our own communities we have separated ourselves by skin tone. (light vs. dark) what a waste of life and energy!  It is time for the healing…to begin. It begins with just one person at a time. This is something we must do…because the future of our youth is at stake.  We must make a more positive show of force,  for the black females that will be walking in our footsteps and following our lead. The time has come…to make our ancestors proud least they be forgotten.  With open arms we welcome one another. If you have one speck of black blood in your veins…this message is for you.


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